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PETROL STEEL CO.,LTD & BEIJING VANS TECH ., LTD are a group corporation.

BEIJING VANS TECH ., LTD is a diversified technology enterprise engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection industry. It is set up in 2011, located in Beijing. Our company reseachs and markets new materials and new 

technology of :

1.The roadbed stability and anti frost-heaving and thaw-settlement;

2.The sea reclamation, coastal dam protection and anti debris flow, landslides, and collapsion cause by natural disasters;

3. Anti- heavy corrosion, high waterproof, anti-fire, high durability materials;

4. High performance permeable road system for sponge city.

These technologies and products have excellent performance. Some of our products have been tested by National Industrial Construction and Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Navy Coatings Analysis and Testing Center, and National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center. Our most products have been widely used in high-speed rail tunnels, marine engineering, nautical aviation, dock bridges, frozen soil roadbed, reclamation islands, ship heavy industry, wind power and hydropower, mining machinery, petrochemical industry, urban construction defense, military civilian use etc.  Our company has strong research and development capabilities and innovative talents. We own 3 doctoral supervisors, 25 engineers and researchers. We have long-term technical exchanges and cooperation with research institutes such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, China Metallurgical Construction Institute, and Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology.

Always, we adhere to the tenet of “qualified, positive and efficient” and serve the society wholeheartedly.

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PETROL STEEL CO., LTD (SHORT NAME PESCO).As a prominent corporation, production lines locates in china, branch offices locate in over 10 countries, engaged in offering a wide assortment of industrial steel pipes, pipeline accessories, superalloys, rare metals alloys, industrial equipment in relations with – oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, aviation industry, metallurgy, machinery, building and construction etc.

We manufacture the following products:

Seamless Steel Pipes, Welded Steel Pipes, Structural Steel Pipes, Coated Steel Pipe , Mechanical Steel Tubes , API 5l Steel Pipes, API 5ct Steel Pipes , API 5d Steel Pipes, API 5b Thread Pipes, Low Carbon Steel Tubes, ASTM a 210 Steel Pipes, Alloy Steel Pipes ASTM a 213 , ASTM a 333 Steel Pipes, ASTM a 335 Steel Pipes, ASTM a 519 Steel Pipes, BS 1387 Steel Pipes, BS 3059-1 Steel Pipes, Din Standard Steel Pipes, En Standard Steel Pipes, GOST Steel Pipes, JIS Steel Pipes.

Fittings, Flanges, Tube Sheets, Nuts Bolts, Clad Pipeline .

We process and handle the following latest available stocks:

Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Kovar, Invar, Rene, Haynes, Hastelloy, Nimonic, Waspaloy, ODS alloy;

Ph13-8mo, 15-5Ph, 15-7Mo, 17-4Ph, 17-7Ph;

Rare metals, Non-ferrous metals, Titanium alloy, Tungsten alloy, Molybdenum alloy, Niobium alloy, Tantalum alloy, Zirconium alloy, Magnesium alloy, Aluminum alloy, etc.

Aerospace components, forged aircraft accessories, aviation parts, shafts, bars, ring, fasteners, plates, wire, 3D printing powder, targets, etc.


Capital 700 million usd$

Area 500,000 sq.m.

Stuff 1,000 including 280 technicians

Operation over 20-year export experience



The products and services we are offering are widely appreciable for highlighting features like customer centric approach, high flexibility, reliability and timely execution.

Your inquiry would be highly appreciated. we would like to cooperate with you for long terms.

Superior quality, prompt delivery, favorable feedback,

all available in PESCO

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