High Performance Permeable Road System For Sponge City

main products: "VANS TECH" high performance permeable road paving system and sponge city permeable stone are with aspects of excellent performance. It can be adjusted with various technical parameters at any time according to the actual technical requirements of the site. Our company...

Product Details

main products:

"VANS TECH" high performance permeable road paving system and sponge city permeable stone are with aspects of excellent performance. It can be adjusted with various technical parameters at any time according to the actual technical requirements of the site. Our company has strong independent research and development capabilities, and has long-term and superior advantages in the fields of durable permeable stone, colored permeable stone, drainage pavement engineering and pavement engineering of indoor sports field, solid sand fixation, dam protection and other engineering. development of.

图片16.pngTechnical material introduction:

Our company's "VANS TECH" high-performance permeable road paving system is very suitable for the construction of sponge city. "VANS TECH" high-performance permeable road paving technology is a color ecological permeable road independently developed by our company. It makes full use of natural stone corner leftovers and gravel aggregates, saving a lot of natural resources. It uses advanced construction techniques to spread paving. It can make rainwater directly infiltrate into the ground, effectively replenish groundwater, alleviate the urban heat island effect, protect the city's natural water system from damage, and have strong environmental value.


At the same time, it also solves the road area water problem and improves the safety and comfort of driving and walking. It has higher strength and durability than traditional concrete, and it can meet the structural mechanical properties and service life requirements. It has the coordination with the natural environment, reduces the load on the earth and the ecological environment, and realizes the recyclable use of non-renewable resources.

The features of the permeable road system for sponge city: 

1. Excellent water permeability. With 15%-25% porosity, the water permeability is 31-52 liters/meter/hour, which can make the rainwater infiltrate rapidly and restore the groundwater. Excellent drainage effect;

2. High carrying capacity. It can reach C20~C25 (concrete bearing standard);

3. Good physicality. It is resistant to cold, freeze-thaw, durable and wear-resistant than asphalt. Temperature range -50 ° C ~ 100 ° C, can avoid high temperature softening and low temperature embrittlement;

4. Safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. No reflection at night, no water accumulation, large porosity can reduce noise and absorb dust. No heavy metals and other harmful substances, green and environmentally friendly;

5. Good decorative effect. Multi-color and transparency for rich visual effects. Inorganic materials, rich in color, never change color;

6. High heat dissipation. Reduce heat storage. Adjust temperature and humidity, improve urban thermal cycling, and alleviate heat island effects. This feature makes it close to or even better than natural vegetation;

7. Easy to construct and easy to maintain. Use ordinary paving tools and use them 24 hours after construction, without frequent or special maintenance. High pressure water washing can solve the pore blockage.




Main application areas:

1. Sidewalks, bicycle lanes, landscape roads, park roads, pedestrian walking trails;

2. Light motor vehicles, stadiums, streets, squares and various new stadiums;

3. Military training grounds, airports, parking lots;

4. Botanical gardens, river green areas;

5. Gardens, villas, communities, parks, schools, hotels;

6. Need a leisure place with high requirements of water

  permeability, anti-skid, beautification and greening.