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BEIJING VANS TECH CO., LTD is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in energy conservation and environmental protection, electricity power saver and energy management services. Our company is at the forefront of high technology, fully mastering the international advanced high-tech information, and gain insight into market demand. Constantly update and launch high-tech products that meet market demand. The company's main products: power-saving equipment, power management technology services, power-saving engineering design and supporting installation. Our company has advanced technology, superior equipment and perfect quality control system to provide customers with professional technical product support and one-stop overall solution. 

Our company has professional customization, distribution, installation technology and service experience of power saver to ensure the best products and services for customers in the shortest time. As a professional power saver supplier and energy management technology service provider, we formulate highly personalized energy-saving management solutions based on the electrical conditions of different enterprises, so that enterprises can finally obtain the direct and the significant the benefits after use our power saver. Our company's advanced professional technology and perfect after-sales service provide strong support for the promotion and application of our power savers. With strong technical strength and perfect service experience, our company leads the industry innovation and leads the Chinese power-saving industry. 


As always, our company will adhere to the tenet of “qualified, active, efficient with free service” and serve the society wholeheartedly.

"VANS TECH" Power Saver

1.Saving Electricity, Protecting Power Equipment, Extending Appliance Life.

First, the scope of application

"VANS TECH" Power Saver is applicable to any 380V three-phase AC motor with frequent change of load and underload. "VANS TECH" Power Saver can improve the motors’ performance, and provide an excellent soft-start and slow shutdown efficiency and energy-saving space. One "VANS TECH" Power Saver can correspond to a motor and one "VANS TECH" power saver can also serves multiple motors. Beside, two or Multiple power savers can be used for high power motors or equipment.

2. "VANS TECH" Power Saver can also be used in high-performance and high-demand telecom mobile equipment rooms, base stations, transmission towers and other fields. 

Applicable industries

Municipal projects, government office buildings, oil refineries, oil production plants, chemical plants, steel mills, metal processing plants, mining sites, stone works, smelters, printing houses, printing and dyeing plants, textile mills, cement plants, wood processing plants, machining Plants, cement plants, brick factories, pharmaceutical factories, breweries, feed mills, cold stores, concrete factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, central air-conditioning power systems, and any electrical equipment with inductive loads. Particularly, "VANS TECH" Power Saver is suitable for the electrical equipment as "big horse-drawn little trolley" or any various power projects with frequent change of load and underload .