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“VANS TECH” Power Saver is a new type of energy-saving developed by Beijing VANS TECH Technology Co., Ltd. The safety performance is considered by the priority design. The safety factors of all R&D equipments are in full compliance with GB7251.1-2005 and GB/T22582 2008.

Product Details

 VAN TECH” How Saver Protects Electricity Equipment

 “VANS TECH” Power Saver is a new type of energy-saving developed by Beijing VANS TECH Technology Co., Ltd. The safety performance is considered by the priority design. The safety factors of all R&D equipments are in full compliance with GB7251.1-2005 and GB/T22582 2008. Its power-saving method for power system belongs to the category of reactive power compensation, but it differs from reactive power compensation. One is that the internal structure is different, and the matching capacitance value is different. The capacitor used for reactive power compensation is the same size. Equipped with different sizes of capacitors; the second is to do energy-saving engineering transformation process must be tailored; Third, the installation location is flexible. Therefore, energy-saving equipment is required, which is small and lightweight. After prolonged exploration, our company has formed a relatively complete energy-saving installation technology. Most of the energy-saving projects using our energy-saving equipment and installation technology are between 10% and 70%, while the power-saving rate of reactive power compensation is ≤5%.

feature of product

1. Specifically suppress high waves in the circuit system;

2. Filter clutter, wavelets and harmonics in the circuit;

3. Effective recovery of the remaining active power (breaking the monopoly of international technology and creating the world advanced technology level);

4. Convert reactive power to useful power and automatically balance reactive power.

The energy-saving equipment produced by our company is a fully automatic, digital, intelligent and high-precision dynamic energy-saving device, which is suitable for most inductive loads of industrial power and lighting. It adopts special hardware circuit and software design to effectively filter the voltage transients and current surges in the grid circuit, increase the end-use voltage and the operating efficiency of the equipment, effectively improve the power factor, reduce the line loss, and reduce the power supply voltage fluctuations. , improve power quality. It has the triple effect of saving electricity, protecting electrical equipment and improving the efficiency of electrical equipment. It uses semiconductors in conjunction with microprocessor technology to dynamically track changes in the load, and adjust the power of the input motor to achieve the "need to provide" to maintain high efficiency and reduce power consumption, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. The power factor is a measure of the efficiency of the enterprise's electricity use, and its power factor is low, which means that the electricity required for production does not match, and there is an excessive use of electricity, which means that electricity is wasted. Enterprises use electricity, there are abrupt changes in the boot, there are mutations after the start, so that the instantaneous power increase.

The power factor before power saving


The power factor after power saving


The three-phase alternating current is hidden in the active power equipment and is used for counteraction compensation. It can reduce the reactive power part of the electrical equipment, but also can improve the total power factor of the electrical equipment. After he acts on the electrical equipment, it can effectively reduce the actual electrical current of the electrical equipment. Can reduce the useless work, effectively promote and improve reactive power compensation work.

A major feature of this product is the ability to automatically raise the terminal device voltage to near normal levels. For example, from the original 380V power voltage, 220V voltage recovery is close to normal, and make the actual current through the motor smaller, increase the output power of the equipment (voltage increase, current drop) active part will not be affected, he can make The output power of the motor is increased and powerful. The body temperature is also reduced at any time, balancing the current and voltage of the entire power circuit tends to be more stable, reducing the actual current of the total circuit, and reducing the actual expenditure of electricity. The device can also eliminate the instability of the frequency conversion point, so that it can maximize the economic benefits.

0.48 The power factor before power saving


The power factor after power saving


 the process of saving electricity, we measured the power and active power of one end user. In the absence of energy-saving projects, the input of this user's equipment is normally only 70-80 kW at the time of each phase of power consumption, and 260-280 kW at the time of transients. This waste of excessive power is surprisingly large. When we installed the “VANS TECH” Power Saver, the above measurement was repeated. Only when the normal power usage was 70-80KW, the transient no longer occurred. For this phenomenon, even if the inverter is used, it is powerless because it cannot track such transient speed. Another problem with frequency converters is that they generate large amounts of high-harmonic pollution on the power grid. This kind of damage cannot be overlooked. The energy saved by the inverter cannot be compensated by the harmonic pollution of the power grid. It is only that the inverter has achieved energy-saving benefits, but the phenomenon of increased losses on the national grid can not be overlooked; practice has proved that "VANS TECH" saver power-saving effect is remarkable, and has the ability to filter out harmonics of the power grid, suppress the power grid Transient, surge and other significant effects. 

“VANS TECH” Power Saver not only saves energy for the end users, but also for the the national grid. (The users can only obtain the energy-saving benefit from the equipments to the ammeters. Whereas, The saving power from the ammeters to the power plants, is the national grid benefit. It can be seen that the power saving of the national grid is also very obvious. This kind of power saver is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, schools, hotels, office buildings, large shopping malls and other power systems and inductive loads of electricity equipment, especially for those "big horse-drawn cars," the use of electrical equipment or load light load , heavy changes in the use of electrical appliances.

"VANS TECH" Power Saver installation and use

 ONEInstallation conditions

1. Overview

The product adopts the most advanced technology in the world, the controller has strong anti-interference ability, adapts to the distribution coefficient of various parameters, and has stable operation, complete power saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Features

2.1 Simple operation: automatic operation and manual operation can be achieved by operating the keys.

2.2 Current discrimination: When the current is input, it is not necessary to consider the polarity automatic discrimination conversion.

2.3 Overvoltage protection: When the grid voltage exceeds the set value, the installed power saver group will be automatically, quickly and step by step.

2.4 Low load blocking: When the current signal is less than 5% of the design capacity, the operation of the power saver will be blocked. At the same time, according to the set delay, the installed power saver group will be cut off step by step.

3. Scope of application

This product is suitable for all three-phase asynchronous motors and inductively loaded appliances.

4. Technical parameters

4.1. Working voltage: 380V±20% 50HZ

4.2. Power saving controller input current: ≤5A

4.3. Rated capacity: 40K ~ 120K

4.4. Phase number: three phase

5. Use environment

5.1. Use above sea level and below 2000 meters.

5.2. Ambient air temperature: -5 ° C ~ +40 ° C, the average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35 ° C.

5.3. Humidity: When the maximum temperature is +40 °C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity can be tolerated. For example, at a temperature of 20°C, the humidity reaches 90%.

5.4. Environment: No flammable and explosive medium, no conductive dust, no corrosive gas in the surrounding environment.

5.5. Shock vibration: The power saver should be installed and used in places where there is no significant shaking, impact or vibration.

(TWO) Calculation method of electricity saving rate and payback period:

The power saving rate is calculated according to the international power saving definition and Chinese standards.

Under the same working conditions, the power saving rate is calculated by the percentage of the current or electric energy saved by the power saver and the current or electric energy when the power saver is not used. 

Investment payback period calculation method

Payback period = original investment amount / monthly electricity savings.


( THREE) After sales service

1. The warranty period is 18 months (calculated from the date of installation). Damage during the warranty period, under non-human factors, free guidance (or repair) and accessories.

2. The problem of failure during the warranty period, under the non-human factors, you can freely replace the new machine. Due to user error or human factors, the equipment is damaged. In the repairable state, our company is responsible for the paid repair at a preferential price.

3. During the warranty period, the same piece of equipment has two or more faults due to quality problems, and after repair, it still cannot be used normally. Our company guarantees to replace the new machine of the same brand model.

(FOUR) Use question and answer

1. Q: The power distribution system has installed a capacitor compensation system. Will the installation of “VANS TECH” Power Saver also save electricity?

Answer: The capacitor compensation system is not in contradiction with “VANS TECH” Power Saver. The capacitor compensation system solves the problem of low system power factor. The system power factor can be improved, but the non-positive amount of hazardous energy in the system still exists. In this case, only the installation of “VANS TECH” Power Saver can correct the interference load pollution and achieve the effect of power saving.

2. Q: The inverter is installed in the system. Is it necessary to install “VANS TECH” Power Saver?

Answer: The inverter and "VANS TECH" Power Saver are not contradictory. The frequency converter mainly solves the problem of three-phase AC motor speed regulation, but in the process of use, it will generate a lot of harmonic pollution, and cause great interference and damage to other power equipment in the system, shortening the service life of the equipment. Installing "VANS TECH" Power Saver can completely solve the above problems. The two are not only contradictory, but the combination will produce better results.

3. Q: How does “VANS TECH” Power Saver save electricity? What is the power saving rate?

A: "VANS TECH" Power Saver can improve the power factor, recover the remaining energy, reduce the reactive power of the power equipment itself, convert the reactive power into active power, reduce the heat and noise of the power equipment, and reduce the low voltage. The reactive load output in the network reduces the power loss and achieves the power saving effect. Practice has proved that "VANS TECH" Power Saver can save 10%-70%.

4. After installing "VANS TECH" Power Saver, will it affect the rated output power of the motor?

A: No. “VANS TECH” Power Saver can improve motor performance and increase output torque. Extend the life of the motor. When the appliance is running, some of the electricity is converted into heat, noise, vibration, etc., but these electricity power is wasted. The lower the load, the greater the proportion of wasted power. “VANS TECH” Power Saver eliminates these waste of electricity and achieves the purpose of saving electricity.