ONE OF THE KIND MILLIONS OF CHOICES PETROL STEEL CO.,LTD & BEIJING VANS TECH ., LTD are a group corporation. BEIJING VANS TECH ., LTD is a diversified technology enterprise engaged in energy conservation and environmental protection industry. It is set up in 2011, located in Beijing. Our company reseachs and markets new materials and new technology of : 1.The roadbed stability and anti frost-heaving and thaw-settlement; 2.The sea reclamation, coastal dam protection and anti debris flow, landslides, and collapsion cause by natural disasters; 3. Anti- heavy corrosion, high waterproof, anti-fire, high durability materials; 4. High performance permeable road system for sponge city. PETROL STEEL CO., LTD (SHORT NAME PESCO), As a prominent corporation, production lines locates in china,engaged in offering a wide assortment of industrial steel pipes, pipeline accessories, superalloys, rare metals alloys, industrial equipments etc..

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